Google Webmaster Help YouTube videos are always very helpful. I decided to share the video I watched today because I think it will be useful to all webmasters, from beginners to advanced users. I hope the following video is useful.


5 Most Common Mistakes in SEO


  1. No Value Prop 0:29
    1. Why would a user select my site in search results
  2. Segmented Approach 1:24
    1. Instead approach online strategy holistically — aligned with larger business goals and every department communicating
  3. Time Consuming workarounds 3:05
  4. Getting Caught in SEO Trends 4:50
    1. Chasing the user vs chasing search engines algorithms
  5. Slow Iteration 6:03
    • Aim to be Agile:
    • Define metrics of success
    • Implement improvements
    • Measure impact
    • Create new improvements
    • Prioritize improvements based on market and personnel
    • Repeat


6 Good Practices For SEO


  1. Do something cool 6:00
  2. Include relevant keywords in your copy
  3. Be smart about your tags and site architecture
  4. Sign up for email forwarding in Google Webmasters Tools
  5. Attract buzz and natural links, votes, +1, follows
  6. Stay fresh and relevant (social media sites, accessible on mobile devices)


Let me know what you think, and if you have any additional tips;  I welcome you to post them below 🙂